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rhye, 32. I live in St. Paul, though I am originally from DC. I teach astronomy and physics and have a masters in astrophysics. I got into writing simply by needing an outlet for an overactive imagination, and I have been surprised to find that others enjoy peering into my imagination. My friends describe me as intense and passionate. I enjoy dogs, the outdoors, wintertime, and being the center of attention for the right reasons.
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MEMBERSHIP: Occasionally I write RPF. You must be a member to read RPF. Membership is open. No other stories are locked.

RATING & PRIVACY: Non-RPF stories here will never be locked. Please heed all ratings and warnings on the stories, as there are some that contain adult materials.

OWNERSHIP: Many of the works within these pages are derivative of published works. I have never made money from my fictional exploration of these published works. I have no private knowledge of real people who may appear here, and no private contact with the original artists/authors of any works whose derivatives appear here.

CONCRIT: Yes, please. Always. There are few things I enjoy as much as intelligent and well-reasoned discussions about reading and writing.
major finished works
Brokeback Mountain

Human Voices: A post-canon story in which Ennis drives to Texas to meet Lureen and Bobby and to make peace with Jack's death.

Non-Fiction: An alternate reality story in which the audience meets Rob Ennis, the person who Annie's Ennis del Mar is based on, as well as Rob's family. Rob is struggling to come out to his granddaughter who, herself, may be more than she seems.

Friends and Lovers: An AU, with Ennis as a janitor at Laurel High School. Ennis had over twenty years to advance his relationship with Jack, but he couldn't get out of the closet, so Jack had to move on. Jack, however, found that living life without his best friend as a part of it was impossible. Ennis sees that if all he can be is Jack's best friend, he'll have to take it. Neither is happy with this situation, but neither is willing to make the next move, for fear of losing their friendship at last and forever.

This Land is Your Land: Co-written with lolitaray - a AU in which Jack is high school American history teacher and Ennis is his student. Published under the username asinglecolumn.

Harry Potter

Haunting: A How-To Guide: After Sirius has fallen through the Veil, all hope at fixing their imperfect relationship is lost to Remus. Or is it? A strange bundle of hair and a how-to book have lead Sirius back to Remus-- this time for good.

The Narrative of Remus John Lupin of Nantucket: Part 1 | Part 2: Remus John Lupin was born on the island of Nantucket, famous for its whaling culture. His companion Sirius Black is the nephew of Captain Alphard Black, with whom the couple now lives. When the sea calls to Sirius and Remus after their graduation from Academy, they have to content themselves with smaller adventures until Captain Black announces that he is taking his ship, The Grampus, around South America. Sirius smuggles Remus on board, but their plans go awry when a foul mutiny overcomes the ship. Captain Black is lost forever, but his nephew and his nephew's stowaway lover team up with the mutineer Kingsley Shacklebolt to try and take the ship back. They will find that being in control of the ship does not give them control of the sea.

The Dog and His Boy: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4: After the canon events of October 1981, Sirius is not captured by Aurors. He transforms into his animagus form, and he follows Harry to the Dursleys'. Harry grows up with the feisty Padfoot as his best friend and companion and thus, when he is accepted into Hogwarts at his 11th birthday, he refuses to come unless he can bring his dog as his familiar. Once at Hogwarts, Snape is behaving suspiciously and mysteries unfold. Can Padfoot prevent harm from befalling the boy he thinks of as his own son? Does Dumbledore suspect that Padfoot is more than just a dog?

The Christmas Harry Got a Firebolt: Set during PoA, but in an AU where James and Lily are alive and Sirius has not been to jail. Fluffy.

Little Red (The Big Bad Wolf Remix): When Slughorn challenges the third years to discover the werewolf among them, Remus is sure that his biggest secret is blown.

The Beast of Godric's Moor: There's a rumour that a dangerous beast lives on The Moor behind Godric's Hollow. James and Sirius go in search of this terrifying beast. When Sirius is taken prisoner, he soon finds that there's more to the beast than meets the eye. Can Sirius's love break the curse of isolation that has been Remus's life? (AU; A sort of retelling of Beauty and the Beast).

Four Times a Broom Failed and Once It Didn't: Five snapshots in the life of Remus and Sirius, from their first kiss through adventures raising Harry, revolving around brooms.

A Deal with the Enemy: James has a crush, and Sirius takes it upon himself to get James a date. This would be easier if James's crush wasn't also Sirius' own worst enemy.

Adam's Rib: Sirius is going to do it. Remus is hesitant. Tonks is supportive. Harry doesn't know. Sirius' journey to change his gender, and the effect it has on his relationship with Remus.

Any Way He Could: Harry and Ron thought the worst ended when the war ended, but the Death Eaters that captured Harry have reached new levels of creativity. Can Ron help ease Harry's pain?

Camp Rome: Part 1 | Part 2: AU: Remus kills Severus and is sent to an internment camp in his fourth year at Hogwarts. James never forgives Sirius, and Sirius transfers to Durmstrang. At the end of the war, Sirius and Remus strike up an unlikely friendship that rapidly becomes something much more.
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Brokeback Mountain
Light of the Towering Dark: Jack gets cancer. Can something so bad be the impetus for positive change in Jack and Ennis's lives?

Harry Potter
How Strange, The Form of Fear: In school, Remus and Sirius perform a complicated spell to marry their thoughts in a subtle but intricate union. Fluffy beginning, epic-length, angsty ending. It sticks somewhat close to canon throughout.

Bitten: Remus has bitten a baby girl, and Sirius and Remus adopt her.

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